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Re: Potato 2.2r5

On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 05:11:03AM -0400, sloopy malibu wrote:
> i have installed this on 2 of my machines and on an external drive i use on
> a couple others... and on all of them it seems 2.2r5 is unstable... the best
> i can tell it is a library... i get seg faults in many apps... (i.e. wvdial,
> xchat, mozilla) but the kernel itself seems ok... it never seems to bring
> the whole system down just the prog running...
> the machines i have noticed this on are Quadra 800, Quadra 650, IIci,
> IIsi, IIfx... 

I had similar problems with the woody install, which is the same kernel. 
Except usually it would be during a swap that the kernel would crash, so
probably it's not the same. I tried a Mac IIci and Quadra 650.

I found it unusable. I did find the external scsi connector was loose, 
and have only tried once since then, but was seeming to get the same
results. The installation was on the external scsi drive.

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