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/boot-floppies/3.0.23-2002.04.22/ test Quadra 840AV

Just a note of success of CTS new boot floppies on a Quadra 840AV, 32MB

Everything seemed to work fine. Just noticed that I had to take out the
RAM DISK option on reboot after
the initial installation phase, or the system would lock up before
reaching the login screen.

Also, when connecting to the network and mounting a NFS
filesystem, Iwould get some weird messages as

    portmap: RPC returned call error=5
    portmap: RPC returned call error=5
    lockd_up: makesock failed error=-5
    portmap: RPC returned call error=5

This same message appeared consistently when mount a NFS filesystem (I
was exporting a filesystem off
my Intel box over the LAN). The file system, nevertheless, did mount:
and I could use the NFS filesystem. I had it setup as follows: ro,
insecure, all_squash.

Well, that's it. It ran stable for at least 24 hours. And, for the most
part, these boot floppies appear to work fine.


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