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Re: SE-30

On Sun, Apr 28, 2002 at 06:37:21PM -0400, Hank . . . wrote:
> Chris:
> I believe I know what you need to do get the SE/30 up and running.
> Basically, two things.
> Use the potato version, but use the penguin17 booter file in place of
> penguin18. Penguin18 has some kind of hangup with ram based
> video. Use all the rest of the potato files, but don't use penguin18.
> And (2), your physical memory configuration. Apparently, for some
> strange reason 8 4MB sticks of 30 pin RAM doesn't work. Replace the
> first bank with 4 1MB RAM sticks, and leave the second bank with
> 4 4MB RAM chips. This should leave you with 20MB of RAM. Granted,
> I'd rather have 32, but whatever works.
> I take it you're using the Mode 32 software update for the SE30. Otherwise,
> Linux won't boot.
> If you want a good site to check out, try www.jagshouse.com. Jag booted his
> SE/30 into Debian Linux. I have, too. If you'll follow the above 
> suggestions,
> you shouldn't have any problems. If you do, let me know and I'll try
> and walk you through the process.
> Hank

Cool, but...

I actually wasn't the one trying to do it. (I had replied to another 
person on the list). I forwarded your earlier email on to him:


but forgot to cc: you about it. So, this time, it's getting done right...
in fact, I'll cc back to debian-68k for good measure.

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