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Unidentified subject!

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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 07:57:24 +1000 
To: "'Sacred Eagle'" <gnu4u@linuxmail.org> 
Subject: RE: PowerBook 520c

> The ports on the back are from memory 7 pin DIN. There are adaptors that 
> you can buy from almost 
> Any Apple shop. Also, the serial controller is an 8530 from memory, so 
> unlike the 16550, this will 
> Limit the max serial speed. From memory also, with the newer machines, you 
> may need to config these 
> as ADB devices but not sure if that applies to the 520. There are also 
> pages on the apple sites or 
> even historical Apple sites that give the pinouts for the DIN connectors. 
> HTH 
> Stuart 
OK, thank's all for the information. Now I just need to find some Apple shop to buy a cable and try to connect this little beast to my PC network.

Thank's again, I will be back.


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