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Re: PowerBook 520c

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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 11:42:08 +0200
To: Sacred Eagle <gnu4u@linuxmail.org>
Subject: Re: PowerBook 520c
> Hi,
> Maybe not as hard as you think: If you have another (linux) machine you
> can maybe make a serial connection between the two and use that as the
> 'network' to transfer the debian packages onto the Mac. Because of the
> small harddisk you probably can't load to much packages, so the slowness
> of the link will not be to big a problem.
> HTH, Erik
> -- 
I see.
I have other Linux machines here allright, but these are PC's. I don't know which of the ports at the back of the Mac is a serial port because they sure don't look like the ports on a PC.
How do I connect the Powerbook to a PC?


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