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Re: Request for build: mpg123. - why I think its free

Having recently visited the web site for mpg123, and compiled it on several computers, I can tell you that it is just as free as Debian Linux.

True, his license restricts usage to non-commercial. However, the GPL license which Debian Linux is under restricts it from being distributed without source code, and under any license besides GPL (hence the 'viral' mode of GPL). Michael Hipp is simply avoiding the hassles of licensing by declaring his package as 'non-commercial'. Instead of placing source code restrictions, and using a 'viral' license, he has stated that we can do as we please with it, so long as we include a copy of his license, and a copy of his readme files. In fact, it may even be allowed for 'limited' commercial usage.

Folks, RTM :)

This software may be distributed freely, provided that it is
distributed in its entirety, without modifications, and with
the original copyright notice and license included. You may
distribute your own seperate patches together with this software
package or a modified package if you always include a pointer
where to get the original unmodified package. In this case
you must inform the author about the modfied package.
The software may not be sold for profit or as "hidden" part of
another software, but it may be included with collections
of other free software, such as CD-ROM images of FTP servers and
similar, provided that this software is not a significant part
of that collection.
Precompiled binaries of this software may be distributed in the
same way, provided that this copyright notice and license is
included without modification.

This software may be used freely, provided that the original
author is always credited.  If you intend to use this software
as a significant part of business (for-profit) activities, you
have to contact the author first.  Also, any usage that is not
covered by this license requires the explicit permission of
the author.

I have to tell ya, sounds free to me.

On Friday, March 29, 2002, at 07:30  AM, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Lo'oRiS il Kabukimono wrote:

mpg123 does offer some things that mpg321 does not. mpg321 is a free
rewrite of mpg123, but as of yet, it's not complete.

ok, this way it is different

Once it is, I would completely agree with you. Right now, it isn't.

right. just out of curiosity, what's non-free in mpg123 ?

Not sure. IIRC, something about non-profit use only.

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