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XFree 4.1.0 and virtual terminals (tty's)

I am having problems with xfree and changing virtual terminals (tty1,2,3 etc). When I boot up and xfree is not running i can chance terminals with the mac button + F1, F2 etc (don't know how it is called, since i don't use macos etc, i want to use linux on my new old mac that i just got, the button has apple sign and then some strange thing on it). I have configured xfree to use macintosh_old keyboard (since macintosh keyboard worked strangely in xfree so i had to configure it to old). Everything else is ok, xfree is running, i can type, keymap should be 100% correct etc, but the key comination apple button + F1 or whatever F doesent change to virtual terminal tty1 or tty2 etc. I have used xfree in i386 world, and there you can change from xfree to any virtual terminal. Is this normal for m68k linux or is it my fault ??? I have chacked everything and it still does not change terminals.
The keyboard is AppleDesingn Keyboard model M2980, with all keys and leds for num, caps and scroll lock (not those mini macintosh keyboards with no F1-F12, no leds, etc). Debian is testing version (kernel 2.2.20) and xfree 4.1.0. Mac is Centris 650, 68040 @ 25 MHz, 36 MB RAM, 2 GB SCSI.
If anyone could help i would really apreciate it, or if this is normal for m68k that when xfree is running you cannot access tty's then i hope someone confirms it.

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