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    My name is Doug Styles. I am the admin. of a web site that is dedicated to helping computer users with everyday problems, common terminology and working towards certifications.  My site is about two years old, I get about one hundred unique hits a day and every couple of days I get somebody asking for help with a problem.  Software, networking, hardware etc.
    Over the past two years I've helped a few hundred people with some simple problems, and I'm now searching around for areas where I can get more people - to get my forums active.  I've just recently changed my whole layout, so the old content is missing.
    The reason I'm writing is because I was hoping you could put a link to my web site on your contact page for computer problems.  My site has absolutely nothing commercial on it, it is simply a dedicated resource.  I am a certified computer technician, I'm a sair/gnu linux lcp, I have about 8 years experience working as a consultant and I am the CEO of a startup software company called solidblue software inc.  so I can handle any issues that come at me, and I am reliable.
    Please consider adding my site to your contact page for computer issues, if for no other reason than to alleviate some of the calls you get. 
    Thank you very much,
 --Douglas Styles
CEO SolidBlue Software Inc.
(905) 808-BLUE

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