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Re: Linux/Mac68k still active?

Hello Andrew

On 21-fév-02, you wrote:

> Sure, the project is still active, but everyone involved tends to be busy,
> so active progress is sporadic.  If you want to help out, you can help
> debug the new 2.4.17 kernel in CVS.  Follow the instructions in the FAQ
> (which I believe are still relevant) to get a copy of the source, and
> build yourself a kernel.  (Of course, you'll also want a cross compiler
> and another Linux box on which to do this).

I can't help to debug the 2.4.17 for the Mac part, but I am running it on
another m68k machine (Amiga with a 68060).

The compile get well after a small patch on a QOS module. I use it every day
and it boots and run pretty good. The only problem I have noticed is with
the "apt-get" programm which hangs often (all times ?). 
I can't do the following sequence without hanging :

1) apt-get update

2) apt-get upgrade

The system freeze some times at the first step, some times at the second leaving
a /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin twice the size #6Mo instead of #3Mo. The same
operation sequence works OK with a 2.2.20 home compiled kernel.

I am playing with all the TCP/IP stuff : netfilter (iptables), QOS (cbq and
classes), all seems to work properly and reliably.

If I can help to test some other parts, let me know how can I help.

I din't have much time to spent on testing, but I am using Linux since many 
years, I own and use three different Debian "flavours" i386, ppc and m68k.


    Jean-Paul Pozzi

\\\          ___________________
 \\\        /
  \\\      /  A2000-060     64M CV3D
   \\\    /   A4000-060 PPC 96M CyberPPC
    \\\  /    K6/350       192M 

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