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Re: Mac SE/30: Slink or Potato or... and ethernet card?

On Sat, Feb 09, 2002 at 12:08:31PM -0500, Tony Kruse wrote:

> Which version of Debian would be recommended for this Mac, "Slink"
> Debian 2.1 or "Potato" Debian 2.2 or other?

Slink is no longer supported with security (or other) updates, so I'd
not recommend it in general. Potato or later would be fine in that

> Does anyone have experience with ethernet cards on Mac SE/30 with
> Debian?  Are there concerns with compatibility with certain cards?
> I am looking for one on ebay.

I think mine's an Asante; I pulled it from a IIsi (or similar) Mac and
it just worked.

Mike Renfro  / R&D Engineer, Center for Manufacturing Research,
931 372-3601 / Tennessee Technological University -- renfro@tntech.edu

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