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Re: CV64/3D

On Sat, Feb 02, 2002 at 11:49:58PM +0100, thomas.sjolin@swipnet.se wrote:
> Hi there..
> Just wondering if the new drivers for the CV64/3D is incorporated in
> later kernels? Don't want to make a new installation and go back to an
> older kernel just to get the new driver so I don't have to run in the
> same screensize at all times....
Which new drivers? Which kernels? And which older kernels had the "new"
drivers and which new does not have them? Or is this just speculation?

If you are talking about the driver which allows mode switching/selection
during boot and about debian kernel-images and m68k-patches, yes they are in
(and if you mean woody for new installation, yes the "new" kernel images are
used there). They might also be in the linux-m68k CVS (2.4/2.5 only). If you
need them for 2.2, get the kernel-patch-m68k package.


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