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Re: pilrc built for m68k but not buit for m68k

First of all: note that -m68k (and -68k, which is merely an alias for the
other one) is a users' forum. Debian m68k porters can be reached on

On 30 Dec 2001, Stephen Zander wrote:
> Please cc me, I'm not subscribed to this list...
> One of my packages, pilrc, shows up in update_excuses as being
> backrevved on the m68k architecture.  http://buildd.debian.org,
> however, shows a successful build of 2.8p7-1 (the latest version) on
> Dec 22 03:14.
> Did the package get stuck somewhere between the m68k autobuilder and
> ftp-master?

Seems so. I just checked, and it has just today been uploaded to
erlangen. The problem is that there've been quite some problems with this
particular upload queue lately; And that I didn't find the time to clean
up some pending things that need to be done for some time now on
arrakis. Hopefully, I will have this time tomorrow ;-)

wouter dot verhelst at advalvas dot be

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