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X FBDev 800x600 clgen


I installed once again Debian/potato for Amiga. Clgen driver for Picasso
IV work nicely and X starts with default settings. Screen seem to be
640x480 resolution which is too small as my monitor and graphics card can
do better.

Now if update my monitors specs to /etc/X11/XF86Config, run startx and
write "fbset 800x600-75" on xterm, screen mess up totaly. Well X works but
it didn't get the message that resolution is now 800x600 and it will draw
everything like on 640x480 screen. Colors are also strange, but they will
be correct after I switch to text console and back to graphics mode with
ctrl-alt-f1 and alt-f7 sequence.

So how tell to X server that resolution is changed and it should adjust
it's drawing routines accordingly?

Best regards
Petri Koistinen

P.S. Backscape is not working either on xterm.

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