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Amiga (amiboot-5.6) lock up with EGS board


I would like to share a problem and solution I found when installing
Debian 2.0r0 on my Amiga from a 3 CD set I got.

The Amiga is a 2000/030/40Mhz/12m-32bit system with an EGS Spectrum
graphics board.

Whenever I tried running amiboot-5.6 after fully booting into AmigaDos
(3.1) amiboot would lock up after clearing the screen (targeting the
standard Amiga display hardware).  I tracked the problem down to that
Amiboot must not be compatable with the egsconfig program which is run
as part of the Amiga boot when the egs software is installed.  I took
the following lines out of my s:startup-sequence and I was able to
run startinstall (amiboot) after a full Amiga boot:

egs:c/NoCacheZorro3 >nil:
egs:c/egsconfig file egs:s/EGS.config

My clue was that I did not have any problem running the amiboot-5.6
when booting without executing the startup-sequence.

I did notice that since I am not running the egsconfig that the
egs screenmodes are not available from the Amiga preferences.

I was finally able to get Debian to install.  Well at least the
install script is happy.  I had to go about a dozen iterations
with the package installer.  I seems that the tasksel program
would only add 3-4 packages before saying that the rest could
not install (gzip would give a CRC error).  Being persistent
and letting it continue to retry seems to have gotten it to
go through completely.  In the initial install I chose "simple"
for the package installation, and did not select any packages
to install, I just let it pick the updates that it wanted on
its own.

Tonight I'll try getting the gcc to load.

Lance Tagliapietra | lancetag@luminet.net | Contract Software Engineer
Amiga Enthusiast   |   TeXnically Aware   | Embedded Systems Developer

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