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searching for xine testers

Hi all,

I'm maintaining the xine video player packages and after some, umm,
difficulties with several ports, I'd like to do it better this time.

I'd greatly appreciate any help testing the new packages and, even more
important, keep them as portable as possible.
Therefore, I've set up an apt-gettable source archive for easy testing at

the sources.list line is:
deb-src http://people.debian.org/%7Esiggi/ xine-preview/

you'll find two (source) packages there:

xine-lib: contains the player engine as a library ("libxine")
xine-ui: provides a default GUI with skins and stuff

They _should_ compile on all kinds of architectures, but as you need
console access to test them properly, I can't do that job.

So if you just get it running: fine! Nice if you'd send me a note.
If you need some minor patches: even better! Send them to me! I'll add
them to CVS as quickly as possible.
If there are any severe showstoppers: hmmm, notify me, or maybe even
<xine-devel@lists.sf.net>, so we can find a solution.

Thanks in advance,


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