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Re: Debian 2.2 boot problems

On 30 Jul 2001 02:46:23 +0200, Paolo wrote:
> Hallo,
> I'm a brand new linux fan. I'm triyng to install the debian 2.2 on an
> old quadra 900. I've read that it's fully compatible, and , after
> reading all the instructions and bought and extra drive,
> I've decided to try to install it.
> When I launch the penguin booter, the screen goes in black with a white
> dot flashing in the left side.           I've bought an external disk,
> that appear, in the penguin SCSI utility, like disk unity sdb. Could
> this create the problem?
> Thanks in advance
> Best Regards
> Paolo Albanesi
You'll need to make sure you're using at least a 2.2.16 kernel.  The
kernels prior to this did not handle the dual SCSI bus of the Q900 and
Q950 properly.  There is a command line option that will turn off the
external bus so the boot will complete, but since you have an external
disk you want to use it's not a good solution for you.  The 2.2.19
kernel is the one you should look for.

Ray Knight

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