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Q: Installing Debian on a Performa 475?


On my search for a stable C++ programming environment running on my old
Performa 475 I tried the debian potato distribution.

Installing the base system worked fine, but the real trouble began with the
dselect sessions:

When the system load increases, using the kernel that comes with the base
install will result in many freezes, The 2.2.19-Kernel freezes less
frequently, but still often enough to make installing impossible.

As for the 2.4-kernels from the sourceforge page:

- the 2.4.1 kernel panics before SCSI-Devices are detected

- the 2.4.0 kernel has incredibly many 'Unexpected Interrupts 03 from
device 0000000'. Judging from the noise the HDs make, the interrupts seem
to be mysteriously related to SCSI activity, and the kernel resets the
SCSI-bus every so often, because commands time out.

My machine has the following configuration:

Performa 475, real 68040/33MHz model, clockchipped to run at 33MHz, 20MB
rel RAM, 160MB swap at SCSI-ID 0, 2GB root at ID 1, Mac-volume at ID 2, 40x
NEC-CD-R at ID 4, no ethernet

Oddly enough, everything seemed to crash less frequently before my old
Double-Speed-CD-R died.

The whole configuration works with no problems under MacOS, though.

Has anyone any idea what else I could try to get the machine to a usable state?

Best regards


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