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Re: :)

> How about sharing your insight with the list? You
> asked on the list, it
> would be nice to also have the solution in the list
> archives so that this
> question never has to be asked nor answered again.

As it happens I was thinking about making a simple
step through of the install for a very simple base set
up, ie mine, an amiga using a standard mouse and telly

Then at least people with superior systems can get
"something" up and running then try and get their
monitors or scsi drives or whatever else running next.

I'm not sure how useful it would be to atari users,
but I can't see it being that different!

I've come to the conclusion that I've installed far
too much stuff and dselect is terribly slow (or my
processor running dselect is :) ), so I think I'm
going to start again from scratch anyway!


ps can you get tomcat, mysql and java for the m68k? I
haven't managed to set up my apt-get properly yet for
ftp stuff :(

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