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Re: CS PPC scsi driver

On Thu, Jul 12, 2001 at 04:58:08PM +0200, Paul W. Martin wrote:
> I've just got my CSPPC card.. thought YES!! as I have the 68k Debian version
> I will B able to run it.. err.. no.. as there is no cybppc.device support
> :(.. although the 3 install screens up until you actually need a disk are
> fine..
Why do you want to run debian-m68k on a PPC board? Why not use
debian-powerpc? Technically speaking, debian does not do the kernels, if
something is not supported by the kernel, it can not be supported by debian.
You'd better ask on the linux-m68k mailinglist.

> Any one planning to include a scsi driver into the kernel?
> Without my 6 CD's are just glorified coasters
You have the board. Start hacking. 

Check www.linux-m68k.org for supported hardware and how you can help
improving the kernel. And maybe check some powerpc pages...


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