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Standard amiga "telly install"

To aide my sanity will someone please tell me:

If I'm setting up an Amiga m68k install on an Amiga
which uses a standard UK telly as its display device
(ie a pal display) where to insert the video=amifb:pal
parameter that the documentation advises?

I can't find it anywhere in the documentation, it just
says "insert this line" BUT WHERE???

At the moment I have tried the standard install
script, I am installing from hd0: (my workbench
partition) from hd0:debian/amiga, using the
StartInstall icon. This gives me a amiga shell prompt
of information about my computer then decompresses the
kernel, then loads some stuff about ELF, then the
screen goes grey, then it goes black and flickers, it
looks just like how  it looks if your telly isn't
quite tuned in, I get several horizontal white fuzzy
lines zip down my screen from top to bottom
repeatedly, and nothing else happens.

I suspect the screenmode is not correct, so... where
do i put this video= parameter to try and resolve

Finally, is the fact that I'm doing it on a telly my
problem? Do I "need" a monitor?



ps My amiga is: A1200 68030 (full version with mmu),
"NO FPU", 850 mb hard drive, with four Amiga
partitions (Im trying to get this to boot before i
partition any more!) 2mb of chip ram, 8 mb of fast
ram, No monitor, just a telly!

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