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Re: boot-problem

Nicolas Vilz 'niv' wrote:
> Hello, I tried to put Potato on my quadra 900 and everytime I want to boot it with Penguin, it freezes with
> slot_int_set: slot 0x0E, drvr_refnum -49, spID 0x80, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0
> ... Could you help me?

This is the Penguin message right? If so it shouldn't be a problem in
inself. What are the messages after this. What kernel (version and
source you got it from) are you booting? What Penguin version? What
commandline options are you using?

If you give us more info we can probably help.

Also note that this does not look like a Debian specific question so
there are probably more people that can help on the Linux-m68k,
Linux-mac68k mailinglists or in comp.os.linux.m68k.

Erik Laan elaan at dds.nl (preferred), elaan at freeler.nl (messages

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