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Hi All,
	Have a Quadra 630 (12MB RAM & 1.2GB HD) running Debian 2.2r3. As
mentioned a week ago, works great. Have just started using it, rather than
experimenting. Am using it as a HTML & Flash based help system for our
students. Everything works fine, Apache, CGI's etc. however, the ftp
server is very slow.
	The main problem is that it seems to take ages to respond. If I use Fetch
on MacOS (or any other Mac/PC client) it takes minutes to respond and
invariably just times out. The best I've gotten so far has been to
transfer 1x 5Kb HTML file to it and then when it tried the next file it
just timed out. I can get around it by rebooting, transfering the files
off of the network to the local MacOS partition and copying across whilst
in Linux, however I was hoping to put this in a cupboard somewhere and FTP
new files to it.
	Basically....  Is my installation/setup faulty or is FTP on this old
machine just not feasible??




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