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porting problem on ocaml-findlib, help needed

[Please Cc me the answers cause I'm not subscribed to the ML.]

   I'm the maintainer of various OCaml related package.
I've a problem with one package of mine: ocaml-findlib that works well
on all architecture, except m68k.
I have forwarded the bug to the upstream maintainer but he told me that
he doen not have time to solve an architecture specific problem.
So I'm asking if anyone, that have a well knowledge of m68k architecture
and an unstable distribution, can look at the problem.

The related bug is Bug#96254, the but actually is agains ocaml-xstr
package that does not work on m68k, but I've just reassigned the bug to
ocaml-findlib package cause the failure does not work when ocaml-findlib
is invoked to install ocaml-xstr files.

I've more detail about the problem that the upstream author send me, so
if anyone may help me I send this detail to him.

The problem is pretty serious cause almost all the ocaml-* packages
build-depends on ocaml-findlib package for compilation and installation


	- Zack -

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