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Re(2): Apache probs on a P630

Erik & Richard,
	Can honestly say I am unsure which kernel I am running I'll have a quick
look at the Quadra to see later. I just used the one that came on the
2.2r3 CD, that I used for installation.
I actually installed everything on the Quadra at home and then whipped out
the hard disk and inserted it at work. I found before that although it
initially installed fine, dselect would not actually install anything,
sprung an error, stopped, made me quit and once required a restart. This
caused major errors in the install that fsck just went 'no way' at. Sounds
like a bad mask revision. Have brought the Quadra in to work instead, it
sits there quite happily doing exactly what I wanted. Am surprised with
the speed too. I know I am only talking a few users and html and a few
500K Flash files, but it is as fast as I need at present.

Thanks for the help




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