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building with storage on the network

I think I found the solution to the chroot-on-NFS problem: forget about
NFS, use NBD instead.
For those that've never heard of this: NBD, or the Network Block Device,
is a block device driver that sends its reads and writes to a server on
the network. Because this works on a lower level than NFS, it does not
have the build-problems related to NFS (clock differences, lockd
malfunctioning, ...)
To the kernel, this looks like a normal block device. The disadvantage to
this is that only one client at a time can connect to the server, but this
is something that, in our situation, is not much of a problem.

I just tried to set up a chroot-environment over NBD, and it works quite
well. However, it's getting late now and I'm still fighting with sbuild,
so I did not compile any program on this yet. So, before I waste all my
time on something that is doomed to fail: did anyone try this before? If
so, what where your findings?


wouter dot verhelst at advalvas in belgium
	{ 0x10, "Minimise Delay" },
	{ 0x10, "Minimize Delay" },
/* ipchains.c */

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