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your build system is broken, and your bug reporting more so!

> The autobuilder found some missing build dependencies for wmrack:

>   libxpm4-dev

How did you come to that conclusion?  There is no such package!!
There wasn't the last time I closed a spurious bug report from you
about this (#86585), and there still isn't *this* time that you
submitted a spurious bug report! (#95826)

> >From the logs:

> > checking for XpmCreatePixmapFromBuffer in -lXpm... no
> > configure: error: WMRack needs XPM support!!!
> > make: *** [stamp-build] Error 1

XPM support is provided by xlibs-dev.  Which my package DOES
build-depend on.  So, first of all, you either don't have xlibs-dev
installed, or you have a broken installation.  But second, and more
important, whatever mechanism you used to decide that this log message
meant a missing dependency on a non-existent package is broken!

I don't know if you came up with that on your own, or if you have some
tool that suggests dependencies.  If the former, please learn better!
If the latter, please fix the tool.  In any case, please stop filing
erroneous bug reports.  I realize that porters are overworked, but
submitting invalid bug reports helps no one!

I'm cc'ing this message to the 68k porters list in the hopes that some
of your fellow porters can help you sort this all out.  I'm willing to
help too, in any way that I can (except, of course, by adding a
build-depends on a non-existent package).

Chris Waters           |  Pneumonoultra-        osis is too long
xtifr@debian.org       |  microscopicsilico-    to fit into a single
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