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Using make-kpkg for custom kernel DEB?


Thanks to the announcements and feedback from the developers on this
mailing list, I now have been able to cross-build custom kernels on my
PC for my Amiga using DEB 2.2.19 source and patch files via make-kpkg.
To be able to test these custom kernels, I'd to be able to have both the
custom and released ones installed. The best way to handle this seems to
be to add a tag to the current DEB package name, but in doing this I
have hit what may be a problem with make-kpkg.

Per the documentation I tried using the option "--append_to_version
arb", which added "-arb" to the package name and the kernel files, but
NOT the modules directory. So I can select my packages and have the
kernel installed, but the modules directory gets overwritten. So instead
I tried to use the supposedly OBSOLETE option "--flavour arb". This did
just what I wanted; separate package, kernel and module names allowing
the custom package to be installed in parallel with the released

So is there any particular reason to not use the "--flavour" option? Is
there some better way to support parallel installation of a custom


PS: Just found a bug report, 86727, about the "--append_to_version"
problem with a potential patch, but no resolution.

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