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debian 68k in Poland


I've recently rescued a quadra 650 frm being destroyed, got it home and
started wandering what to do with it. I thought- yeah cool! My favourite
linux distribution(debian) is ported to the mac68k!

and here I approached a bad problem- there is no debian-m68k tree mirror
in Poland! i've downloaded the installer adn base files in school from the
USA, but at home the nearest mirror(with the m68k tree) is in Germany..my
usual transfer rate on my modme is about 3,4KB/s and on to the German
mirror my record was 1,2...doh..

could anybody do something with this?

2nd problem- why is there no woody basefiles?

3rd(and last)- compiling dpkg on a machine with no fpu would be a good
idea- this way it gets a segv everytime you run it..


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