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RE: 2.2.18 kernel-images available for testing

> I initially tried the tar.gz file, but it did not have the kernel image.
> Was it suppose to be there?

No, the tar.gz file contains the sources used to produce the .deb file
excluding the bits that are contained in other Debian packages e.g.
kernel-sources, m68k patches etc.

> Also, what all do I need to have the source for this kernel, so I can
> try doing some work on the CV64 video drivers?

If you look the .dsc file you will see it contains the following:

Build-Depends: gcc272, kernel-source-2.2.18, kernel-patch-2.2.18-m68k,
debhelper, bzip2, console-tools

This lists all the other packages that are required to build the
kernel-image package using the debian/rules in the .tar.gz file. In addition
to these packages the build-essential package should be installed as well.

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