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bug with quadra 605

Hi there,

I have been trying to put debian 2.2 on my "new"
quadra 605, but i've
had some problems. i got through the installing the
base system, but
after rebooting it doesn't get to continue the
installation. i get a
message of something respawing on init 1 that takes
5 minutes, and i get
stuck there. at this time i can change the console,
and if i change the
inittab with the inittab.real the system starts,
but when i try to
install some packages with apt-get or dpkg i get
some error messages
like Segmentation fault of Bus error, which sounds
very bad to me. 
i have tryied installing it again, but the problem
repeats. i tryied to
install the kernel-souce deb package to compile the
kernel, but the dpkg
said that the end of file was strange and couldn t

anyone has a clue of what is going on?



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