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Re: pppd wanted

Quoting Sebastiaan (sebas@sacred-key.org):

> I am trying to set up a network connection between two computers which are
> connected with a serial cable (null modem).
> One computer is an i386 with 2.4.0, the other is an Macintosh Quadra 610
> with 2.2.10, both running stable.
> I found an old conversion cable so I can connect apples with rs232 ports.
> It works, I have a connection (I can cat a file at one machine, and it
> comes out unscrambled on the other).
> I do:
> pppd -detach crtscts lock /dev/ttyS1 19200 noauth
> on both computers (and the ip's swapped), as described in the ppp howto.

I would add "debug" and look at the logs to see what, if anything,
is passing between them. Sorry I can't help with Mac handshaking.


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