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RE: new kernels also for ATARI

>> Richard posted the first attempt of his patch on Linux m68k and to Geert
>> Uytterhoeven. Perhaps Geert still has it?
>This one: Re: [patch] IDE 8 GB limit (second attempt)?


>Did you try it? 

No, i didn't. Due to the fact that I don't have a running configuration
because my hard disk is larger than 8 GB and X11 is still not running I
cannot test it.

>I don't build kernels for you so that you can test if the
>patch is working, you can do that yourself. 

Sorry, as above stated I can't.

>kernel-patch package. What a desaster if there was something wrong, Atari
>longer supported in the next debian release....

Well, that woul be a real disaster. :-(

>So did any atari user try this patch and can confirm it is working with

The problem is that every ATARIan who has a hard disk > 8 GB is unable to
use Linux ATM and the others cannot test it because their hard disks are <



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