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Re: Unable to read partition tabl

Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Mark Gillingham;

>Fresh install: Q605, potato.

>"Unable to read partition table.
>VFS: Cannot open root device 00:00
>Kernal panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 00:00"

>I do not know enough about the this error message to make good
>sense of it.  I repartitioned my drive in case that might matter.
>Where should I look now?

Do another fresh install.  Thats about your only option unless you made
a backup of the one you just did.  The filesystems, generally speaking,
use the starting location of the partition, obtained from the first
sector or so of the drive, as the anchor point to go find everything
else.  Move those by re-partitioning the drive, and whatever was there
is gone because it can't be found.

IF you have a paper record that gives the exact LSN numbers for the old
partitions it might be possible to reconstruct a partition table and
recover, but having done that for just one partition out of 7 on a disk
once, with software (rdprepx, amiga machines) a heck of a lot more
precise than fdisk, I can tell you it will be a 3 day job.  Dealing with
fdisk's penchant for 'protecting' the user from the nuts and bolts of it
by hiding the details such as the actual LSN's from the user and my
guess is that a recovery isn't possible.  rdprepx allows the actual
LSN's to be specified, thats its prefered method in fact.

Cheers, Gene
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