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Potato SCSI probs on IIci install


I'm trying install Potato from cd's made from cd images onto a Mac
IIci.  I have the
180 MB drive partitioned correctly, I have Penguin 17 with Potato
kernel and root disks.  I boot Linux from Penguin 17 and everything goes

smootly.  I have an external scsi cdrom that I am using for the install.

 I get the partitions initialized, but the install seems to be randomly
failing during large file copies.  Most of the time it gets through the
kernel and module install just fine, but when it tries to load in
base2_2.tgz it chokes.  My Mac has 24MB of RAM and I set aside 40 MB of
swap.  I have tried two different drives in the external scsi enclosure
(an old AppleCD 600i drive, and a new Ricoh CD-RW MP6200S drive that I
had laying around).  The old AppleCD 600i dies more often than the newer

Ricoh drive.  I have not been able to get past the base2_2.tgz load at
all.  The error message displayed on the screen is:

Kernel panic: scsi: trying to call schedule() in interrupt, file scsi.c,

line 1467

This only happens when the file copy takes longer than a few minutes on
the newer drive and when the copy takes longer than 30sec to 1min on the

older one.

Any ideas?  I've even tried to copy the data from the CD onto another
scsi hdd using another linux system, then hooking up the scsi drive on
the same bus as the target drive on the mac.  Trying that also causes
the Kernel panic stated above.

email me if you have any ideas at huseby@shockfusion.com



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