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Re: Problem with potato clgen install on Amiga


>  My observations are compatible with two clgen related bugs in the linux-m68k
>  kernel:
>  1) The clgen driver (clgenfb.c) is drowning in printk statements which are
>     not prefixed with DEBUG. The overall effect is that these 'printk's
>     obscure the system boot messages as well as everything else that happens
>     to be printed to the console(s). More debug messages also if one switches
>     between virtual consoles.
>     I solved this by setting up a minimum potato system and then compiling
>     a new kernel with printks prefixed with DEBUG.
>  2) The real bug is that during installation all installer output is garbled.
>     (Same symptoms to be observed if one configures the kernel with
>      make menuconfig.)
>     All areas on the console into which the (curses based?) installer writes
>     text are obscured by vertical white or black lines (two pixels wide
>     every five pixels or so), making the text more or less unreadable. The
>     display can be refreshed by switching to another console and then back,
>     but with the distribution kernel, problem 1) rears its head: installer
>     output being obscured or scrolled off the screen by clgen debug messages.

I've recently posted a patch for these two issues to both this list and

>  On my system, X is totally unusable under Debian. This is unrelated to the
>  choice of window manager; even if I configure twm, it is more or less
>  impossible to do anything, it's dead slow and hangs a lot. It's not a
>  hardware problem, X works quite well on the same machine under RedHat 5.2,
>  NetBSD 1.4.2, OpenBSD 2.7 (and did previously work under RedHat 5.0, 5.1;
>  NBSD 1.4, 1.4.1; OBSD 2.6).

Weird. Never had any major problems with any X server coming with Debian
(and I've been using Debian since slink). Of course it doesn't break any
speed records on my old Picasso II, but it's perfectly usable, even with
Gnome (fairly minimal setup, though).


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