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Atlanta Linux Showcase - Possible Birds of a Feather Session?

I am located in the Atlanta area and have been involved as a volunteer
with the Atlanta Linux Showcase for the past two years.  I'll be
volunteering again this year.  The Showcase will be from October 10-14
in Atlanta.  If there are enough interested linux-mac68k
developers/users who will be attending the Showcase, I'd like to arrange
a Birds of a Feather meeting/code hacking session.  I could supply at
least 4 working Mac's (Quadra 950, IIfx, II ci w/DayStar '040, and IIvx)
and could possibly arrange to borrow more for the developers to hack
on.  Debian usually has a booth at the show, perhaps we could arrange to
display a few different models of the Mac running Debian Potato at their
booth (or at least one).  I'd like to do something to try to drum up
some support and/or enthusiasm for the m68k effort.   I'd also invite
anyone working on the other m68k architectures as I'd like to get the
HP9000/300 I have running Linux as well.   

What do you all say.  Anyone interested in pursuing this with me?
Ray Knight

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