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SCSI Timeout error with m68K on Amiga

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Hi all,

I recently purchased Debian m68k v.2.1 from linuxcentral to use with my Amiga 2000. The 2000 has a GVP G-Force 040 (apparently both the processor and the scsi controller of those device are supported by deb m68k, and indeed the debugging sequence recognizes them by name) and a GVP Spectrum 28/24 Cirrus logic based graphics card. Also on the scsi chain (if it makes a difference) is a Syquest 135 drive and a Toshiba 4x CD-ROM drive.

Anyway, I used the "clgen" specific version of the installer program  and created the "linuxgo" script exactly as specified in the instructions. Everything seemed to go well, the boot sequence started, it decompressed the kernel and found the root. But then I got three nasty "SCSI Timeouts" in a row, the message "SCSI 0 is being reset", and a complete lockup. I have never experienced any scsi bus errors while under Amiga OS, so I could not imagine what could be the matter.

If anyone has any ideas they would be GREATLY appreciated. Also, I am somewhat of a Linux newbie so, when you make a suggestion of something to try, please be as "step by step" as possible :)

Thanks much,

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