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Re: Potato Installation Guide

On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 02:21:05PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> > Ok folks, you all missed the deadline for boot-floppies 2.2.15.
> > I am just uploading it and, for the convenience of amiga+atari users, have
> > created [amiga|atari]install.lha files on
> >  http://www.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/potato
> Can we please get the tar.gz format archives into the distribution, as
> politically-correct alternative? 
Should be no problem at all, if its of use to somebody. I only refrained
from doing it, because this means another 9MB of files. We don't need to
have it on the CDs, would be a waste of space I think. But if somebody made
the CD scripts not to use these tar files but the allready unpackaged once,
it would only eat the space on the ftp mirrors, but not on the CDs, right?

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