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re: mac IIci

>greg kaslowski wrote:
>> Any ideas on how to preserve the macOS it currently has
>> installed? I think it has an 80meg drive, but I don't know
>> how much free-space there is. I'll do some surfing tonite
>Greg, does this mac only have the 80 meg drive? If so then you are going to 
>have to get another drive. In order to run linux (I assume you know this)
>you have to leave the MacOS on your comp (you need it to boot into linux).
>You prob should have altleast a 50 meg partition for the MacOS and with that
>it will leave no room for linux (If I remember correctly the base linux
>system takes up around 40meg).

Why do you need 50megs for the MacOS?? If greg only wants to run linux, not 
the MacOS, then he can have a *tiny* mac partition. I'd say 5-10megs at most. 
MacOS <= 6.0.7 came on 4 floppies; admittedly it probably wouldn't boot under 
6.07, but it should under the very early 7s...



Jan M. Dziewulski

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