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Re: m68k boot-floppies ready

> > > Dropped in to a shell, did "mkdir /target/boot", and then it would
> > > mount it OK.
> > 
> > Oops - are any other mount points (like /usr/) actually created when
> > necessary?  
> Nope :-( /usr gives "Mount failed: No such file or directory" also.
> Is this just me, or has no-one else installed to more than one partition?

I sure haven't, for lack of a big scratch disk. I'll schlepp my SCSI disk
to the lab these days and give it a fresh try. 

BTW: the /instmnt/ should be a directory on your ram disk, and that's
where the NFS filesystem is mounted on if you get the files via NFS. I
assume even the NFS-only install first boots a ramdisk? 

If you unpacked the ramdisk to a NFS filesystem and use NFSRoot
(bypassing the need for a ramdisk), things might look different depending
on where on the NFS root filesystem you put the install files. 

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