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Re: m68k boot-floppies ready

> > I'll work one up for the Mac. Ihave nearly finished a rewrite of the
> > existing Slink guide so it should not be to difficult to update. :-)
> Good. Now where are all those amiga users? Someone step forward please.

Where are the Atari users? 
> I just uploaded the boot-floppies to master, please test this again, mac
> should be ok now, also a vme fix from Nick is in. If Mac people want the new
> penguin, I need to get the binary in a proper format, hqx or whatever it

.bin.hqx preferably. 

> is. And please somebody check the config file, didnt I hear it had to be
> edited? The kernel image will be called linux, but if thats too big of a
> problem, it could be renamed back to linuxmac, allthough I would not want
> to, to keep it consistent. Does the config need editing with "linux" instead
> of "linuxmac"? If so, somebody should do this, its difficult to edit, when
> its on the CD...

It's impossible to edit to make it automatically locate the kernel anyway
(the absolute path to both kernel and ramdisk is stored in the file, so in
theory you'd have to burn a CD with arbitrary config file, then start the
booter, set kernel and ramdisk path, store that config file and use it for
the next CD run). linux is OK as file name. The only thing that would need
to be changed in the _old_ config file is the VBL interrupt disable
option. If we use the new booter, this option is automatically adjusted
properly by the booter anyway.

> And I think I know why 2.2.10 would not want to run on my amiga, its the
> GVP-series II SCSI driver. I removed it, since then my amiga is running
> fine. Is there any amiga user out there who really uses this SCSI driver?
> If not, I would like to remove it totally from the kernel image, since on my
> machine it freezes the machine after a few hours... this would mean peopple
> with such a controller could not install on a harddisk connected to this
> controller (we can keep a backup of this kernel image though).

If the driver is so badly broken as to crash a system that doesn't use
anything on that adapter, I bet it's impossible to install using that
adapter anyway. 


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