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Quadra Nubus ethernet problem

At 08:50 PM 2000-01-31 -0500, you wrote:
Dear Leo and bacterium,

>I've been playing with a similar config (same box, new Asante NIC,

>I got an Asante Nubus ethernet card for my Quadra 840AV because the
built-in card is not supported.

I have a Centris 650 without an AAUI transceiver for the built-in ethernet
port. I have an Asante EN MuBus card installed. How di you two get Linux to
bypass the built-in ethernet and use the NuBus card instead?

Yours truly,
     -Tom Davis

I use a Quadra 840av, System 7.6 I never had that problem. It detects the card at startup. Are you sure the card is ok? Get the driver from www.asante.com and test the card in Mac OS. For some reason, I get 2 "errors shutting off slot interrupts" in the Penguin-18 booter. Then the thing runs real slow and leaves characters from previous lines on the bottom line of the screen. I believe it is being bogged down by this slot problem.

> Booting Linux (fasten seat belts, please)...
> slot_int_set: slot 0x00, drvr_refnum -51, spID 0xDC, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0
> slot_int_set: slot 0x00, drvr_refnum -56, spID 0xFD, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0
> Error -17 slot_int_set for slot 0x00
> slot_int_set: slot 0x0E, drvr_refnum -49, spID 0x80, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0
> Error -17 slot_int_set for slot 0x0E
> Warning: 2 error(s) while turning OFF slot interrupts...booting anyway!


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