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I was at The Party in Aars/Denmark the last few days, and one big event
there was a collective Y2K test. So we set all our clocks to December 31st
and waited. Since my machine went into Y2K, it issues warnings at boot and
shutdown time about mktime() returning -1 (Error condition). I think this
may cause serious trouble, since mktime() is needed for parsing dates
(setting the time, comparing dates in sh scripts, ...). I haven't looked
into this too extensively yet, but I think this should be easy to fix
(IMO this is a problem with a sanity check).


PS: In case you're interested, the full reports from the test are at
http://www.theparty.dk/cgi-bin/y2k.pl?main . Most of the reports are BS
(due to intoxication), but a few might be worth reading.

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