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Courtesy of Amigan-St. Louis y2k Compliant for Windows Users (fwd)

Hello, Ciao, Olà, 

  Original author: Bob Scharp
  Written on: 22-Dec-99
*** Beginning of forwarded message ***


Here's a message that may save you some trouble in the near future if
you have a Windows system. I know that we only use Amigas, but some
of us do have Macs and Window systems as well. This is just for
the Window systems. Read all the instructions and follow them. It
is certain to help in the Y2k compliance. It only takes care of
one part, but the sender is correct, alot of programs missed this
easy to upgrade part of the system.

If you did not receive this message from someone you know personally,
CHECK IT FOR VIRUSES. There were none associated with it when I mailed

Hope to see you all at Amiga 2K, the next Gateway Computer Show on
April 1 & 2, 2000. Our web site is being updated this week.

Happy Holidays,

Bob Scharp
 For all of you computer gurus, you may think your PC is "Y2K" compliant,
 and some little tests may have actually affirmed that your hardware is

 You may even have a little company sticker affixed to your system saying
 "Y2K" compliant....but you'll be surprised that Windows may still crash
 unless you do this very simple exercise below. It's an easy fix, but
 something that Microsoft seems to have missed in certifying their
 sofware as Y2K Compliant.

 This is simple to do, but VERY important. Follow these steps:
  Click on "START"
  Click on "SETTINGS"
  Click on "Control Panel"
  Double click on "Regional Settings" - the icon is a little world globe
  Click on the "Date" tab at the tope of the page (last tab on the right)
   Where it says, "Short Date Sample," look and see if it shows a two year
   format (YY)
  Unless you've previously changed it, I'll bet each of you a friendly
  cup of coffee that this is set incorrectly with just the two Y's....it
  needs to be four!

  That's because Microsoft made the 2 digit setting as the default. For
  Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT, this date format selected is the date
  that Windows feeds "all" applications software and will not roll over
  into the year 2000.

  Left unchanged, it will roll over to the year 00.
  Click on the button across from "Short Date Style" (the dropdown
  selection) and select the option that shows, "mm/dd/yyyy" or "m/d/yyyy".
  Be sure your selection has four (4) y's showing -- not just "mm/dd/yy".
  Then, click on "Apply" and then the "OK" button.
  Easy enough to fix. However, every "as distributed" installation of
  Windows worldwide is defaulted to fail the Y2K rollover. Pass this 
  along to your PC buddies. It will save them a lot of headaches come
  January 1, 2000.

*** End of forwarded message ***

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