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Sudo command


Well I d/l the files for the sudo command. I edited the sudo file and 
added the line: User_Alias   FULLTIME=edward
Is this enough or do I need to do more. I am trying to get the sudo 
command to work, but I just get seem to get it right. Not much help 
from the docs. I know there is alot of options and I would think I 
would just type: sudo -u edward, but that does not work. Sorry to be a 
pest, but I have been raking leaves for about 4 hours, so I am alittle 
irritable. <g>

I also looked at Gnome and Enlightenment. Both seem to be great and I 
will one of them a try. Which one is the best? En.. is a BIG file 
(about 6meg). Gnome seems to have alot more to it.

Edward S. Baiz Jr.
HADES 060: 140meg Ram, Yamaha CDRW Drive, 1 gig Jaz 
 Drive, MicroTek E3 Ccanner, Mach 64 w/4meg Ram, Epson
 Photo 700 printer, 33.6 US Robotics Modem
PROGRAMS: Extendos Gold, Cab 2.7, ScanX, STiK2, aFTP,
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