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Re: X11

> > ln -s /dev/atarimouse /dev/mouse
> > 
> > (man -k link; man ln)
> Would you please forward that to Chris L. for his FAQ? This small bit is
> missing there.

I consider this trivial. 

> How do I use my mouse in X or with GPM?
> The configuration is fairly easy. Tell the application you are using a bus
> mouse, and make a soft link from /dev/amigamouse (for Amigas) or
> /dev/atarimouse (for Ataris) to /dev/mouse.

I've never had to do that. I rather edit the X or gpm config files
(isn't there a gpmconfig script?). But if you think a symlink is the way
to go, I'd suggest to add it to the initial system config either in
dbootstrap or on the first disk based boot. I'd opt for the latter, and
I'd also opt to prompt the user for the mouse device in case someone wants
to use a serial mouse. (Never set by default what you could prompt the
user for, and always byte compile as many emacs modules as possible)


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