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Successful build of root.bin on 68k Mac


I've gotten CVS boot-floppies to build rootmac.bin successfully, and it
boots and the keyboard works even (unlike current slink boot floppies on 2.2
kernels :)

I've skipped library reduction for the time being - rootmac.bin compresses
to about a megabyte:

-rw-r--r--   1 root     dhd       1054410 Oct 20 01:17 rootmac.bin

This is with glibc2.1 by the way...  The machine I'm building on at the
moment is glibc2.1, however I've set up an NFS root volume with glibc2.0
that I can boot into to build "kosher" boot floppies (as it stands my setup
is not pure potato anyway because I have local libnewt and slang packages -
why has the buildd not built newt 0.50 BTW?!)

I'll be uploading this stuff to
http://eradicator.org/debian/mac68k-potato-boot/ soon (not right now, I
still have to build the base system and rescue/drivers)

   Everything should be clear by now, so you won't need any examples.
       - from the CLC-INTERCAL manual (http://www.assurdo.com/INTERCAL/)

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