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debian devel


I'm about to register myself as a Debian Developer, some of it because
there's a few rare programs that I would like to see in the distribution
because of how useful I feel they'd be to others (i386).  Also I want to
help make the 68k distribution a complete port.

I have an A4000/040 with 20mb RAM so I should be able to help on that
side, but if anyone knows of any good deals for '060 daughter boards or
accelerators I'd be highly interested in purchasing one. (I'll take the
opportunity to ask if anyone knows where I can get a Cybervision3D/64
in Australia as well? Picasso IV looks nice, but just too expensive for
an old machine.)

If someone in charge of the debian-68k dist would like to point me to
the priorities of the distribution I'd be much obliged.

Steve Hardman

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