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Re: Poor quality of Debian/m68k CD image..?

Frank Neumann wrote:
> > > You could try the image on ftp.uni-erlangen.de as another test. I
> > > mirrored the CDs directly from open.hands.com (the primary site).
> >
> > Uhmm..just transferring 650 MB only for a small test is a bit of a
> > bandwidth hog for our company's connection to the outside world..but the
> > image has the exact same length and touch date as on the other sites
> > I checked, so I believe it will be the same there.
> I totally forgot I still have a devel account on open.hands.com.. just
> checked the md5sum of the m68k cd image over there, and it's not the same
> as the one I have here..so I guess I really need to get that one and
> check it out.

:-) Glad you thought of the checksums. I was going to suggest Roman puts a
md5sums file next to the CD images in Erlangen (that mail never made it
off my PC thanks to the crappy PPP service here). 

Ok, let's assume any further problems you run into are your own :-)
Improvements and other suggestions welcome. 


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