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SE/30 Ethernet

Greetings. Need some advice as to which ethernet card will work (proper
drivers available) in my SE/30 running m68k Linux.

At the MacBSD (NetBSD/68k) they list the following cards:

Asante MacCon+30iE (based on Asante 8390?)
Cayman Gatorcard PDS (based on Sonic DP83932)
Dayna DaynaPort E/30 (based on Sonic DP83932VF)

Can anyone confirm that these (or others) work w/ m68k in an SE/30?
I'd sort of like to get a card currently supported by both m68k and NetBSD.


Michael A. Peters
Working Macs: 233 G3, SE/30, SE, Plus
Non-Working Macs: SE/30 (will fix? soon!)
Wanted Macs: PB 540c, G3 PB, Color Classic

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